Off Hours Managed Services 

Many of our clients do not have the resources, bandwidth or hardware to manage their AlienVault systems off business hours. Our team of engineers will provide the following:

AlienVault Server Configuration and Management:
  • 16×5 and 24×2 Active Monitoring for proper functioning of all AlienVault components
Alarm Review and Research:
  • Evaluation of alarms for validity
  • Tuning out of False Alarms
  • 16×5 and 24×2 Escalation of critical alarms
Communication on System Status:
  • Prioritization of Follow up Actions
  • Items requiring further research will be identified to appropriate personnel via email
  • Critical Items will be escalated via phone
  • Recommendations on resolutions to critical alarms
  • Communication with AlienVault personnel regarding tickets and issues
HealthCheck Service:
  • All of your AlienVault system components are checked for proper functioning every 15 minutes
  • Ensure that all active data source plugins are functioning properly
  • Check for devices that are no longer sending logs
  • Review device list to make sure events are being received from critical devices
  • Check system resources to ensure they are adequate for the volume of data being received
  • Upgrade the system to the latest release
Add On Services:
  • With sufficient notification RedSole can provide coverage for vacations, leave of absences, maternity leave, etc at a per day rate.
  • Implementation of our proven alarming solution for your staff during business hours
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